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TRIBECA + SNAPPLE = Bringing Sun to the Big Apple!


As you all know the 2009 Tribeca Film Featival has begun this week and with the help of SNAPPLE events taking place within the event are possible, thus is the case of the now famous Tribeca Drive In, which Snapple co-sponsors…Did I hear, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Tribeca Drive-In

Tribeca Drive-In

 PLUS, Snapple is giving away a couple of tickets to a VERY fitting film for the Big Apple: City Island, showing at the festival this Saturday!  How can we win tickets for it?


Simply follow Snapple on Twitter where they are giving away two passes or enter to win a ticket on Guest of a Guest!

Good Luck and hope one gets to get one of these tickets and grab some free Snapple at the event!

City Island




The New Snapple is out and it’s taste and look is very nice!!!

Check out this great article on Examiner NY…What a best place to cover the launch of Snapple’s great makeover than NYC, it is the official beverage of the city!


These guys have cooked up a great and improved new recipe…and as their label suggests, this is the “Best Stuff on Earth”!  The improved ingredients includes sugar cane and no CORN SYRUP–YES!!!  And less calories: 160 from 200!

For more details on this exciting news, check out this great article on the Examiner NY titled:

March Madness: Snapple changes up its look, formula, on iced teas.